This week, Governor Jindal continued to fight against Common Core and federal overreach into Louisiana classrooms. Also, it was announced that Louisiana’s economic growth is vastly outpacing the nation and the state set another record high for number of people working.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor’s Week:

Governor Jindal’s Office Issued A Release Showing How Common Core Is Crumbling Across The Nation, Highlighting How Teachers In Particular Have Soured On The One-Size-Fits-All Standards.  Across the country, support for Common Core is crumbling in many states. Multiple states have either repealed or delayed Common Core, and many states are debating whether to repeal or delay Common Core. … Overall, over 80 pieces of legislation have been introduced against Common Core, the testing consortia or both. At least 10 Governors have issued Executive Orders against the standards, testing consortia or both. Additionally, a recent poll by Education Next said teacher support for Common Core is souring. According to the poll, 76 percent of teachers supported Common Core one year ago, but the portion of teachers who support Common Core today has now declined drastically to 46 percent. Additionally, the number of teachers who oppose Common Core has more than tripled, moving from 12 percent up to 40 percent.

Governor Jindal Said The Suit Against Governor Perry Is A Blatant Misuse Of The Judicial System By Liberal Activists.  The facts are clear. Governors have the right to exercise veto authority, and my friend Rick Perry exercised his constitutional authority and stood up for responsible government when he vetoed funding for a Texas agency run by someone who pled guilty to DWI and served 45 days in jail. One only needs to see a few highlights from the video of District Attorney Lehmberg’s arrest – during which she spits at law enforcement and is restrained to see why she wasn’t fit for her job as head of the Public Integrity Unit! The lawsuit against Gov. Perry is a blatant misuse of the judicial system by liberal activists, and the ensuing circus is simply a political witch-hunt.

Louisiana’s Economic Growth Is Greatly Outpacing The National Average. When it comes to the increase in state gross domestic product (GDP) for 2005-2013, Louisiana came out near the top in the end. The Pelican State saw its GDP increase by 5.4 percent, above the nation’s average of 2.8 percent for the fourth quarter of 2013. That shows Louisiana has the nation’s third-highest GDP growth rate, according to recent figures released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Wednesday (Aug. 20). … Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret said that since the Jindal administration took office in 2008 the state’s real GDP growth has been roughly twice as fast as that of the U.S. overall. “This is not a surprising result given that Louisiana’s economy has outperformed that of the South and U.S. overall since January 2008, whether considering job growth, unemployment, GDP growth, or other economic measures,” Moret told “Most importantly, over the next 5-plus years, the outlook for job growth and state GDP growth in Louisiana is excellent.”

Governor Jindal Announced That A Monroe Paper Company Is Investing Over $40 Million To Upgrade Its Facility And Retain 1,340 Jobs. Graphic Packaging plans to invest $41.5 million to upgrade its production machinery at the company’s West Monroe paper mill, which the company and Gov. Bobby Jindal said will solidify the future of about 1,340 jobs. Graphic’s investment will include an expansion of the mill’s fiber storage capacity and will upgrade the dryer section, coater and stock cleaning areas of the plant, which shares a campus with the company’s carton manufacturing facility. The company also operates a consumer packaging plant in the West Monroe Downing Pines Industrial Park. “Graphic Packaging International’s new investment in West Monroe represents not only its success, but the faith and confidence it has in Louisiana’s best-in-the-nation business climate,” Jindal said in a news release. “This investment in the facility and in our state positions Graphic Packaging International as a leader in its field and ensures the continued presence of great jobs for Louisiana families.”

The Number Of People Employed In Louisiana Hit Another Record High. Nonfarm employment reached a state record 1,981,300 in July, the Louisiana Workforce Commission reported in preliminary numbers Monday. That was a gain of 31,800 over nonfarm employment a year earlier, according to seasonally adjusted figures released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. … “These gains show that people at every skill level are finding work in Louisiana,” LWC Executive Director Curt Eysink said. “This growth is diversified, representing a broad array of opportunities that anyone can participate in if they choose.”

Governor Jindal Announced That LSU Will Establish A Technology And Research Center That Will Create More Jobs And Prepare Students For Louisiana’s Expanding Workforce. LSU will establish a technology and research center designed to attract $30 million in federal and commercial projects by July 2017, officials announced Monday. The LSU Transformational Technology and Cyber Research Center initially will be funded with $3 million in state money and $1.5 million from LSU, Gov. Bobby Jindal and LSU President F. King Alexander said. … “The Transformational Technology and Cyber Research Center will help LSU attract tens of millions in new research funds while also resulting in new knowledge-based jobs in our state,” Jindal said. “This represents another great opportunity to utilize higher education partnerships to create more jobs and prepare students for Louisiana’s expanding workforce.”

The Jindal Administration Is Implementing A Campaign To Encourage Healthy Living. The state Department of Health and Hospitals is pushing a campaign that encourages residents and businesses to make better choices and ultimately improve the state’s overall health and wellness. Kathy Kliebert, the department’s secretary, spoke about the Well-Ahead Louisiana program following a tour of Christus St. Patrick Hospital on Monday. The statewide initiative began in April as “a road map for people to make healthier choices,” she said. … Kliebert said the department has met with restaurants, hospitals and universities and asked them to commit to making changes that reflect healthy living. The website — — gives residents the opportunity to find out certain organizations that are deemed “Well-Spots” like schools, worksites, child care centers, restaurants and others.

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This week, Governor Jindal was nominated by Drew Brees to participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge.  The governor accepted and challenged LSU coach Les Miles, Willie Robertson, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe to do the same.  Governor Jindal went on Morning Joe to watch Joe Scarborough accept his challenge and get doused with ice water on-air.  While on Morning Joe, Governor Jindal was asked about his opposition to Common Core and said he was opposed to the standards, in part, because of the federal government’s overreach.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor’s Week:

Governor Jindal Accepted A Challenge By Drew Brees To Participate In The Ice Bucket Challenge In Support Of ALS Research. The Governor Then Nominated Willie Robertson, LSU Coach Les Miles, And MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough To Complete The Challenge. Gov. Bobby Jindal joined the latest Internet craze by accepting the “Ice Bucket Challenge” on Wednesday. The challenge — offered by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees — resulted in Jindal’s wife, Supriya, dumping a bucket of ice water on the governor’s head. Jindal recorded the moment on YouTube. He said in the video he would donate to the ALS foundation on behalf of Team Gleason, an organization founded by former Saint Steve Gleason to assist people living with ALS. Jindal extended challenges to LSU football coach Les Miles and “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson. Per rules of the challenge, Miles and Robertson have 24 hours to accept.

  • Watch Video Of Governor Jindal Accepting The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Here:

Governor Jindal Went On MSNBC’s Morning Joe To Watch Joe Scarborough Accept His Challenge. Mr. Jindal completed the ice bucket challenge, dousing himself with a bucket of water on Wednesday to raise awareness of Lou Gehrig’s disease. He nominated “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, who accepted the challenge as Mr. Jindal watched during Thursday’s show. “I think we should start dunking members of Congress every time they say something stupid on your show,” Mr. Jindal said.

  • Watch Video Of Governor Jindal’s Appearance On Morning Joe Here:

Governor Jindal Said On Morning Joe That He Is Opposed To Common Core Because It Is A Top-Down Approach In Which Education Standards Are Dictated By The Federal Government. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Thursday that he believes the country is ready for a big change in 2016, though he hasn’t decided yet if he’ll try to be the person to do it. “If I were to decide to run, I certainly think our country is hungry for a big change,” the Republican governor said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “I think there’s a lot of frustration with both Democrat and Republicans in both parties. Everyone just wants to make incremental changes.” … He also spoke on the show about his problems with the common core curriculum, which he said was never intended to be a top-down approach where education standards are dictated by the federal government. “I’m for tests, I’m for standards, I just don’t want the federal government driving those standards,” Mr. Jindal said. “I’m very worried about my kids doing these things. I think it’d be better if they slowed down, let the parents, teachers have more transparency.”

Willie Robertson Of Duck Dynasty Accepted Governor Jindal’s Challenge. Governor Jindal Willie Robertson had two words for Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday: Challenge accepted. Robertson, star of the A&E reality hit “Duck Dynasty,” accepted Jindal’s ice bucket challenge, but he upped the ante by switching out his bucket with a trash barrel full of ice water. Robertson accepted his challenge in front of the iconic sign on the Duck Commander Warehouse in West Monroe as two relatives emptied the trash barrel on his head from the roof. Jindal, who had been challenged by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, challenged Robertson and LSU football coach Les Miles with a video of his own Wednesday. The ice bucket challenge Internet craze has helped raise awareness for ALS and Team Gleason, an organization founded by former Saint Steve Gleason that assists ALS patients and families. Before accepting the challenge, Robertson offered a prayer for ALS families and patients. He also said he was donating money to the ALS Foundation and Team Gleason.

Governor Jindal Was Profiled By The Pittsburg Tribune Review And Criticized President Obama For Failing To Secure The Border. If President Obama were serious about reforming America’s immigration policy, he would secure the Texas border immediately, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told the Tribune-Review. “We have got the technology to do it; it is a lack of will and lack of execution,” Jindal said. “Until the American people have the confidence and trust he will do that, we are only putting Band-Aids on this situation.” … “We conservatives like to say these are dangerous times for our country,” he said. “If we really believe that, let’s show folks our ideas are better. Let’s show people we are not just the party of ‘no.’” Jindal, who in his second term as the first Indian-American governor, recently met with Texas officials on a tour of the Rio Grande Valley. … “Our immigration policy is exactly backwards. Right now, again, we’ve got a low wall and a narrow gate, and we need to change that,” Jindal said, noting that it’s easier to enter the United States illegally than legally.

Governor Jindal Spoke To The Family Leadership Summit In Iowa About The Importance Of Not Allowing The Obama Administration To Redefine The American Dream. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says it’s important to focus on the most dangerous part of President Barack Obama’s legacy, which he describes as efforts to redefine the American Dream. He said he hears Obama trying to divide Americans by race, sex and other factors, while managing a slow decline of a great country and great economy. “It sounds more and more like the countries in Europe,” he explained. … Jindal said he’s worked to reduce the size of state government and bolster the economy, but he especially wanted to focus on education and school choice. Students shouldn’t be trapped in failing schools, he added. “The bottom line is that no two children are exactly alike,” he said. Teachers unions contend that parents don’t have a clue about their children’s education needs, but he said they are wrong. The federal government shouldn’t have the ability to block parents from making efforts to give their children a better education, he added. “The federal government needs to get out of our classrooms,” Jindal said to enthusiastic applause from the audience.  “How do we get to the point that the federal government even thinks it has that power? They don’t think we are smart enough to pick the right schools for our children.”

In His Speech, Governor Jindal Blasted Common Core As A Violation Of Federal Law. Like previous speakers, Jindal spoke briefly about restoring the American dream, securing the border, and restoring the strength of America’s foreign policy. But his greatest strength was his education reform agenda. His speech was laced with fiery rhetoric against Common Core that played well with the families in the room. Jindal recently issued an executive order to remove Common Core from the state curriculum, calling it a “violation of federal law” and the Tenth Amendment. Jindal’s executive order has been challenged by pro-common core activists who have filed a lawsuit against him. But that doesn’t bother Jindal, who is now using his order to drive a principled opposition to the federalized standards. “The federal government needs to get out of our classroom,” he said during his speech. Aside from the anti-Common Core perspective, Jindal has a positive message on education to share. If you ask him about how that’s changing lives in Louisiana, Jindal has stories about successful families that are sending a kid to a school of their choice, thanks to his education reform program. “It is immoral to use the very laws designed to protect them to keep them trapped in failed schools,” Jindal asserted, as the crowd cheered and applauded.

Governor Jindal Received A Warm Welcome At The Iowa State Fair. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and his family got a friendly welcome to the Iowa State Fair on Saturday, shaking hands with dozens of fairgoers and getting a good look at plenty of food on a stick…Jindal, who was dressed casually in blue jeans with a big brass belt buckle and brown leather cowboy boots, was joined by his wife, Supriya Jolly Jindal, and their three children, who appeared eager to visit the fair’s concession stands… “This is a great family friendly event,” Jindal said, remarking that the 73-degree weather in Iowa was a lot cooler than back home, where the mercury topped 90 degrees on Saturday.

First Lady Supriya Jindal Wrote A Column Highlighting Work To Improve Teaching Tools In Louisiana Classrooms.  Five years ago, with the help of many wonderful companies here in Louisiana, I started The Supriya Jindal Foundation for Louisiana’s Children, a non-profit organization that seeks to aid Louisiana’s children in all aspects of education… The goal of the foundation is simple — we strive to help students succeed in the classroom. With the support of our remarkable partners, the Foundation has raised over $2 million and has installed interactive whiteboard technology in over 350 classrooms and in over 115 different schools across Louisiana. Additionally, we have provided hands-on enrichment tools selected by teachers to over 280 kindergarten classrooms and ActivTables to roughly a dozen kindergarten classrooms… Through the generous donations of charitable individuals and businesses, we were able to deliver over $100,000 in school supplies to over 5,300 students in 16 different schools across coastal Louisiana.

The Jindal Administration Will Launch A New Website To Help Employers Fill The Thousands Of New Jobs That Are Coming To Louisiana. On Aug. 18, state officials will make a free, online, matchmaking employment service available for the first time to both employers and job seekers who want only their top options… The service arrives at a time when energy, chemical and other manufacturers are set to begin construction on more than $60 billion in new industrial facilities or expansions. More jobs are on the way, according to projections of the Louisiana Workforce Commission and LSU Division of Economic Development.

Louisiana Exports Grew By Nearly 10 Percent During The First Half Of 2014. Louisiana exports grew by 9.3 percent to $32.1 billion during the first half of the year, according to figures from the World Trade Center of New Orleans. The export growth — fueled by agriculture and oil and gas goods — enabled Louisiana to remain in sixth place among all of the states, U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. Louisiana accounted for 3.6 percent of the $804 billion in total U.S. exports through midyear.

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This week, Governor Jindal visited the border of the U.S. and Mexico to hear from local officials who are dealing with the crisis on the ground as a result of the Obama Administration’s inaction to secure the border. The Governor said that the President should “man up” and secure it. The Governor also announced that his Administration filed a lawsuit alleging that Common Core is a federal scheme that breaks federal law because it controls what students are taught in school.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor’s Week:

On Monday, Governor Jindal Traveled To The U.S. Mexico Border To Get A Firsthand Look At The Immigration Crisis. The Governor… received a helicopter view of the area, took a boat tour up the Rio Grande River and spoke with public safety officials about the influx of people illegally entering the United States. Governor Jindal said, “What we saw were the results of the failure of the federal government to secure the border. You know, it’s really not that complicated. It really is a lack of will at this point, a lack of execution, a lack of competence.”… the beefed-up Texas law enforcement presence at a portion of the border – what he called a “surge” – has demonstrated it can reduce the number of people unlawfully coming into the United States. “What that shows is if the federal government gets serious about this, if the Obama administration made this a priority, they can secure the border.”

On Wednesday, The Jindal Administration Filed A Lawsuit Alleging That Common Core is a Scheme That Breaks Federal Law. The Obama administration’s involvement with the Common Core is part of a “carefully orchestrated scheme to control curriculum in the states,” an attorney for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Wednesday. The Obama administration is “trying to accomplish very indirectly what Congress has told them they can’t do,” attorney Jimmy Faircloth said…In a court filing Wednesday, Jindal’s administration says that a federally funded group designing Common Core tests violates federal law because it ultimately drives what students are learning in class… “Common Core began as an effort to simply raise standards for students, but it has morphed into a scheme to drive education curriculum from Washington, D.C.,” Jindal said.

Quin Hillyer Penned A Piece Calling Governor Jindal’s Hospital Privatization “Good Medicine.” From what originally was budgeted… the state spent $52 million less than anticipated… Private management has opened new urgent care centers in north Baton Rouge and in Lake Charles; a new orthopedic clinic and breast health clinic in Lake Charles; and an additional cardiologist, urologist and family health physician in Houma, along with two new digital mammogram units. In Shreveport and Monroe, MRI appointment times have been cut from more than 60 days all the way down to one to two days… his solution is working like a charm. It’s about time he gets some serious credit for it.

Governor Jindal Attended A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony For The LSU Animal And Food Sciences Center’s $17 Million Renovation. A new laboratory building at LSU’s Animal and Food Sciences Center has underwent $17 million in renovations, and will likely help to increase enrollment, while current students will be welcomed with new equipment and technology… “This new laboratory building will put LSU at the forefront of animal and food science research and help LSU attract more students from across the nation,” Jindal said in the release.

Governor Jindal Announced That KPAQ Pulp And Paper Has Surpassed Hiring Goals After It’s 2010 Reopening
. KPAQ, an independent manufacturer of virgin unbleached pulp and paper products, now employs 295 workers with an average salary of $64,00… ahead of the initial target of 233 hires and ranking one of the largest private-sector employers in West Feliciana Parish… “The success of KPAQ Industries here in St. Francisville truly is a testament to our state’s talented workforce and strong business climate,” Gov. Bobby Jindal said at the announcement Tuesday.

Governor Jindal Also Traveled to Iowa and Spoke at Iowa Renewal Project’s Pastor’s Policy Briefing. The Louisiana governor hopes to plant seeds that affect others’ approach to their faith, he told The Des Moines Register in an interview… Jindal recalled how on live statewide TV at a campaign debate he was asked to identify the single most important moment in his life. “I smiled and thought to myself, ‘That is the easiest question I’ve ever been asked,” he said. “I just blurted out the truth: it was the moment that I found Jesus Christ,’” he told an audience of about 250 Christian conservative pastors and community leaders.

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This week, Governor Jindal criticized President Obama for failing to provide details to state officials on illegal immigrant children being sent to Louisiana. The Governor blasted the president saying the immigration crisis is a predictable one that is happening because of Washington’s failure secure the border. Governor Jindal also highlighted the news that Louisiana received its highest business climate ranking ever in national rankings.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor’s Week:

Governor Jindal Blasted President Obama For Providing No Details To State Officials About Illegal Immigrant Children Being Sent To Louisiana. Gov. Bobby Jindal blasted the Obama administration Thursday for providing few details to Louisiana officials about the more than 1,000 unaccompanied immigrant children who have been released to sponsors in the state. The Republican governor … sent a letter to the president saying placement of the children in Louisiana could have “potential negative ramifications.” He blamed President Barack Obama for creating a climate that encouraged larger numbers of people to try to enter the United States illegally. “This crisis is a predictable one. It is happening because your administration has failed to secure our borders and enforce immigration laws, making our country a magnet for these migrants,” Jindal, the son of Indian immigrants who came to the country legally, wrote in the letter …

Louisiana’s Business Climate Was Ranked #1 In The Nation In 2014 By Business Facilities Magazine. Business Facilities magazine named Louisiana the No. 1 business climate in the U.S., the first time Louisiana has topped a national ranking of state business climates. In addition, LED FastStart® – Louisiana’s customized workforce development program, created in 2008 – earned the No. 1 ranking for state workforce programs from Business Facilities for an unprecedented fifth year in a row. … Louisiana’s ascent in the best business climate category has been continuous in recent years, from an initial appearance in the Top 10 at No. 8 in 2010, to No. 7 in 2011, No. 5 in 2012 and No. 4 last year.

  • Governor Jindal Said The State’s #1 Ranking, After Never Appearing In The Top-Ten Before He Took Office, Is Proof Of The Remarkable Turnaround That Has Occurred In Louisiana. Governor Bobby Jindal said, “Prosperity begins with a quality job, and today there are more people working in Louisiana than ever before. When we took office in 2008, we sent a strong message to the world about our intention to make Louisiana the next frontier for business opportunity. Now, with the No. 1 business climate in the entire country, we know we are well on our way to accomplishing our ultimate goal of ensuring that every family in Louisiana has access to great career opportunities, just as we have worked tirelessly to ensure that every child in Louisiana can get a great education. This recognition from Business Facilities, one of the leading economic development publications for more than four decades, is proof of the remarkable turnaround that has occurred in Louisiana.”
Governor Jindal Sat Down With The Christian Broadcasting Network And Criticized The President For Failing To Secure The Border. CBN News asked Jindal if the debate over immigration reform is personal to him given that he is the son of immigrants. “This to me is such a simple issue where we are today. We don’t need a thousand-page bill, a comprehensive bill out of the Senate,” he replied. “We need to secure the border.” “I think it’s pretty simple, you know,” he continued. “The president keeps talking about it. We need to just do it. And the reality is, if he was serious about it – he’s been president now. He’s in his second term – this could have been done by now. There’s no excuse for this.” Despite his southern drawl, Jindal is an extremely fast talker who rarely misses a chance to call out the president. “I think the biggest frustration right now is it’s the rest of the country versus D.C.,” he said.

Governor Jindal’s Administration Filed Suit Arguing Louisiana’s Participation In The Common Core Test Consortium Violated State Sovereignty. On Tuesday, the administration of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) filed a lawsuit to invalidate the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Common Core consortium PARCC on the basis that the MOU attempts to improperly delegate the constitutional authority of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and the state legislature to a consortium of other states. According to a press release from Jindal’s office, the lawsuit argues that the MOU offends state sovereignty and that the non-delegation doctrine, recognized in both federal and state law, is based on the principle that certain powers given to the state are prohibited from being delegated to other public or non-public entities. “BESE has no authority to delegate or assign to any person or entity its obligations for developing and implementing educational policy as provided by the constitution and the legislature,” states the lawsuit.

The Washington Times Highlighted How Louisiana Has Experienced A Remarkable Turnaround Under Governor Jindal. Republican Bobby Jindal postulates that when year after year more people move to Louisiana than leave it, he’s probably doing something right as governor. Of all the advances his state made since his election as chief executive six years ago, that is the one statistic that tickles him the most. “For 20 years, more people left than came here, but for the last six years, the opposite has been happening,” he said over dinner recently at the governor’s residence. The reason for the influx of new residents is that the Republican governor and oft-mentioned presidential contender has turned around the economy in general, the energy industry in particular, the quality of public education, and the availability of jobs while lessening the tax burden on individuals and business. That’s the heart of his local story.

Governor Jindal Praised Students And Educators After Results Showed The Number College Credits Earned In 2014 By Louisiana High School Students Was The Largest Yearly Increase In State History. [T]he number of college credits earned in 2014 by Louisiana students on Advanced Placement exams increased by more than 1,250 credits over results in 2013 — the biggest jump in state history. … [O]verall participation in Advanced Placement courses also grew from 23,485 enrollments in 2013 to 28,009 in 2014. Advanced Placement courses are traditionally more rigorous than regular education classes. Some students who take the AP classes elect not to take the exam at the end of the course. The percentage of students enrolled in the courses and taking the associated test has increased from 55 percent in 2012 to 76 percent in 2014. … “Today’s Advanced Placement score results are great news for our kids and educators in Louisiana,” Gov. Bobby Jindal said. “These gains are proof of our students’ hard work in their AP classes, and this effort will help better prepare them for college and a successful future.”

Baton Rouge Was Named One Of The Top Cities In The Country For Construction Job Growth. Anyone visiting downtown Baton Rouge lately would notice the large amount of construction work going on, from the rapidly-growing IBM facility to the apartments and Matherne’s grocery store being built at the former Capitol One Bank building on Main Street. And the construction isn’t just downtown — there are projects going up across the region, such as the Juban Crossing shopping center in Livingston Parish. The large amount of construction led Baton Rouge to be named among the top gainers in the nation for new construction jobs, according to a report issued Wednesday by Associated General Contractors of America.  The metro area added 5,900 construction jobs — the fourth largest gain in the country, and an increase of 13 percent from the year before.

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This week, Governor Jindal wrote that he opposes Common Core because he doesn’t want local control of education to be taken away from parents and teachers by federal bureaucrats.  The Governor gave a well-received address to the Western Conservative Summit where he told attendees what he fears most about President Obama’s record is his push to redefine the American dream.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor’s Week:

Governor Jindal Wrote Of His Opposition To Common Core, “We Have Fought Too Hard To Sit Idly By And Allow Educational Choice And Local Control Of Curriculum To Be Taken Away From Parents And Educators.” [W]hen parents and teachers began to speak up in opposition to the one-size-fits-all nature of the Common Core standards and the tests that came with it, we listened. Much of the education community is increasingly concerned that the Common Core mandates will mean local school districts have less control over curriculum. Many have described a rushed process where the education bureaucrats and the folks in Washington D.C. did an end run around parents and educators to implement these standards without proper input. … The simple fact is that proponents of Common Core weren’t upfront about the level of federal government control involved once states accepted the one-size-fits all standards. We shouldn’t let a national consortium of federal bureaucrats dictate how Louisiana educates its children. We have fought too hard to sit idly by and allow educational choice and local control of curriculum to be taken away from parents and educators. Our children’s future is too important to get this wrong.

A Survey Was Released Showing Louisiana Residents Are Some Of The Happiest In The Country. People living in Louisiana are very happy!  …  ”Because we have so much to do down here,” one local told WWL First News.  ”You have so much entertainment, hospitality.” Other pointed to the amazing closeness of families and friends in Louisiana, without the rat race of some other places. “Life isn’t as hectic,” one man said.  ”It’s casual, laid back.  I like it… it seems every time new people come, the want to stay.” We found one woman who proved his point. “I’m from Michigan.  I came to visit and never left,” she explained.  ”I love it here.” Others pointed to how friendly people are in Louisiana and all of the celebrations. “There’s so much going on,” one woman said. … The top five happiest cities are all in Louisiana … Of the top 60 cities with the happiest people, eight are in Louisiana.

Governor Jindal Addressed The Western Conservative Summit, Telling Attendees He Fears President Obama Is Redefining And Abandoning The American Dream. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal kicked off the Western Conservative Summit by telling the crowd that what fears most about President Obama is his push to redefine the American dream. “If you listen to this president’s policies, if you listen to his rhetoric, you hear a president trying to divide us by class, by geography, by gender, by race,” said Mr. Jindal. “You hear a president talking to us about how government needs to get bigger and more intrusive and more powerful.” … Mr. Jindal said the president’s message is far different from the one taught by his parents, who emigrated from India to Louisiana shortly before he was born. “I don’t know about you, but the American dream I learned about from my parents was never about ending,” said Mr. Jindal. “It was never about class warfare. The American dream I learned about was an America whose best days were always ahead of us.”

Louisiana Lawmakers Filed Suit To Seek An Immediate Suspension Of Common Core In Louisiana. Lawmakers in Louisiana filed a lawsuit Monday in Baton Rouge district court that seeks an immediate suspension of the Common Core standards in the state’s schools. According to the Associated Press, the 17 legislators … argue in the suit that state education leaders failed to properly enact the controversial standards … In June, Jindal issued executive orders to remove his state from the controversial Common Core standards and the assessments tied to them. He based this move on the argument that the decision by the Louisiana Department of Education to sign onto the PARCC Common Core test consortium was unlawful because it bypassed the state’s procurement law which requires an open bidding process.

Governor Jindal Announced An Illinois Based Chemical Company Is Considering A $70 Million Investment In Louisiana That Would Create A Total Of Over 130 New Jobs. An Illinois-based chemical company announced with Gov. Bobby Jindal Friday its interest in building a manufacturing site in Ascension Parish that could mean 33 new jobs in the Baton Rouge area. The potential investment from Stepan Company — which makes chemicals used in a cleaning products, insulation, adhesives and other industries — would bring $60-$70 million to the Greater Baton Rouge Area. According to a press releases sent by Jindal’s office, the move would also create 98 indirect jobs, for a total of 131 jobs. The direct jobs would carry an annual average salary of $70,000. … “Increasingly, the world’s leading businesses — from energy companies to advanced manufacturers and technology innovators — are choosing Louisiana and recognizing our state as the new frontier for business opportunity,” Jindal said.

Governor Jindal’s Plan To Turn Government-Run Hospitals Into Public-Private Partnerships Is Causing Health Services To Expand And Care To Improve At Local Hospitals. Shreveport-based Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana took over Conway and University Health Shreveport hospitals in October. The private takeover of LSU hospitals in Monroe and Shreveport by BRF was a result of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s mandate that the state divest itself of public hospitals. [Larry] Donner sees opportunities to do more for the people Conway serves by adding more services and bringing in the best medical staff. … [T]he private partnership allows more services to return. Since the transition Conway has added another OBGYN physician, a cardiologist, an orthopedic surgeon, and peripheral vascular services. Construction is expected to begin soon for the new Cardiac Catheterization lab that should open in November. Discussions are ongoing with additional cardiologists and another vascular surgeon. “That cath lab will provide a tremendous service to the community. Many of our patients who come to us with certain heart problems have to go to Shreveport but with the cath lab we’ll be able to meet more of those needs,” Donner said.

Governor Jindal Pledged Support For Rob Astorino In His Race Against Governor Cuomo In New York. Officials close to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said he would appear later this year in New York to campaign for Mr. Astorino. …  ”Rob Astorino is a conservative reformer with a history of working with both sides of the aisle to get big things done,” Mr. Jindal said in a statement. “He would make a great governor for New York, and we are proud to support him in his effort to replace Governor Cuomo.”

Governor Jindal Criticized Secretary John Kerry For Not Being Proud To Say America Is An Exceptional Country. ‘This guy is America’s chief diplomat?’ Bobby Jindal blasts John Kerry for what makes him ‘uptight’

A Report Revealed Louisiana Led All States In Value Of Industrial Construction Projects And Ranked Second Overall For Commercial Construction In 2013. Louisiana led all U.S. states in the value of industrial construction projects during 2013 and was ranked second overall for all commercial construction, according to a new report released Tuesday. Nearly $4.9 billion in direct industrial construction spending happened in Louisiana last year, well ahead of Iowa, which was second with just over $2 billion in industrial construction projects, according to the study released by the NAIOP Research Foundation. NAIOP is the national commercial real estate development association. All that industrial construction powered Louisiana to more than $5.5 billion in overall commercial construction projects.

The Jindal Administration Unveiled A New Website To Match Workers To The New High-Skill Jobs That Are Available In The State Because Of The Economic Boom Taking Place. If dating services can match single people based on compatibility, why can’t a jobs service match employers and potential employees the same way? It can, say the designers of a new Louisiana Economic Development website. Louisiana Job Connection launched last month. It is designed to streamline the recruiting and job seeking processes by connecting companies with the people best suited to fill their open jobs. “We think it’s going to be a game changer,” said Kristi Williams, who serves as executive director of Louisiana Job Connection for LED. “We have such a huge demand with the economic boom happening in Louisiana. People need specific skills.” … LED officials hope it will help fill the in-demand, skilled jobs flooding into Louisiana, as well as bring talented people who have left the state back home. “As our economy grows and diversifies, employers need to be able to quickly identify and recruit the right talent,” said LED Secretary Stephen Moret. “LED FastStart’s experience working with leading companies in a wide range of industries informed the functionality and design of Louisiana Job Connection, and we believe that it can be an asset for every company doing business in Louisiana.”

Louisiana Higher Education Institutions Are Partnering With The Oil And Gas Industry To Ensure Students Are Prepared For The Influx Of Energy Jobs Coming To Louisiana. Oil and gas officials and several of Louisiana’s four-year and community-college leaders said they will work together to ensure students are prepared to take advantage of huge growth in deepwater ventures. … Those job openings are expected to total between 30,000 and 40,000 over the 10-year period, and the number of offshore platforms is projected to grow to 70. Earl Meador, chancellor at Fletcher Technical Community College, said two-year degrees for students trained for offshore work will enable those graduates to step into jobs paying $60,000 per year. …  “Today, it’s very high-tech.” … “This partnership is a prime example of how Louisiana higher education is coming together with business and industry to meet workforce needs,” said University of Louisiana System President Sandra K. Woodley.

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This week, Governor Jindal and his non-profit group America Next released analysis highlighting President Obama’s broken promise that Obamacare would reduce health premiums.  The analysis showed that President Obama’s broken promises have cost American families over $18,000. The Governor also announced a major foreign direct investment win for Louisiana that will result in over 2,700 total new jobs.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor’s Week:

Governor Jindal’s Non-Profit Policy Group America Next Conducted Analysis Showing That Contrary To President Obama’s Promise Health Premiums Have Risen By Over $18,000 Per Family Because Of Obamacare’s Failure To Deliver. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal …  is giving ammo to conservative leaders and congressional candidates to battle Democrats on how health-care premiums have gone up under Obamacare. Jindal’s memo is titled “Over 1.2 Trillion Reasons to Repeal Obamacare.” The memo is being sent out to conservatives on Tuesday by Jindal in his capacity as honorary chairman of the group America Next. It takes issue with how President Obama, during his first campaign for president in 2008, promised that his health-care plan would reduce premium costs for the average family by $2,500 per year. “Contrary to candidate Obama’s promise,” Jindal’s memo states, “health insurance premiums have continued to rise every year President Obama has been in office.” … Jindal’s study argues that Americans have faced a cumulative $6,388 per individual, and $18,610 per family, in higher premium costs. … “All told, the American people have faced $1.2 trillion in higher health insurance premiums due to Obamacare’s failure to deliver.” Jindal’s memo, which conservatives can use on the campaign trail this year, comes as he attempts to establish himself as an intellectual leader of the GOP.

Governor Jindal’s Replacement Plan For Obamacare Was Praised As Being The Only Comprehensive Plan That Exists. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is taking a next step forward in his efforts to do away with Obamacare – and closer to 2016 – all while helping fellow Republicans along the way. “Gov. Jindal’s plan is the only real and comprehensive replacement plan that exists. Anywhere,” Jindal supporters told CNN. “There are bills that do some things, there is analysis of (Obamacare), there are treatises on health care. But this is the only comprehensive conservative replacement plan.” The supporters said other GOP ideas to redo the healthcare law don’t address the real issue with President Barack Obama’s sweeping initiative. “Gov. Jindal had the courage others lack – his plan goes at the real problem – which is cost not coverage,” they said.

Governor Jindal Penned An Op-Ed For Fox News Criticizing President Obama For Failing To Follow Through On His Promise To Lower Health Premiums.  During his 2008 campaign, one of then-Senator Obama’s most audacious promises was that his health plan would reduce premiums by $2,500 for the average family. … But health insurance premiums have continued to rise — not just despite ObamaCare, but in many cases because of the law’s new regulations and mandates. A new analysis by the think-tank America Next, where I serve as honorary chairman, quantifies the massive scope of the broken promise. …  Even as ObamaCare has failed to deliver, there is a better way.  The America Next health plan can provide the relief from rising costs that Americans need and deserve.  Rather than focusing on a massive expansion and restructuring of the health care system, the America Next plan focuses like a laser beam on reducing health costs. … [I]t’s time for the American people to trade in this ObamaCare lemon, and replace it with something that works.

Governor Jindal Announced A Huge Economic Development Win In St. James Parish That Will Bring A Total Of More Than 2,700 Total Jobs To The Area And Is The First Ever Major Direct Investment By A Chinese Company In Louisiana. The North American subsidiary of a top 25 Chinese petrochemical company will build a $1.85 billion methanol complex in St. James Parish, injecting 400 permanent jobs and 2,365 indirect jobs to the region’s economy over a nine-year period. Yuhuang Chemical Inc. plans to build the massive complex along River Road on St. James’ west bank, the first major direct investment in Louisiana by a mainland Chinese company. Gov. Bobby Jindal said his administration, through trade trips and other meetings, has been in discussions with several other Chinese companies also looking at sizable investments in Louisiana. “We are very, very confident today’s was the first, but it’ll certainly not be the last. Many other companies are also interested in the opportunity here and are learning what a great business climate we’ve got in our state,” Jindal said during a news conference Thursday in an Oak Alley Plantation banquet hall in Vacherie.

Governor Jindal Said The Crisis On The Southern Border Is Another Example Of Incompetence By President Obama’s Administration. Gov. Jindal: I think the president has played a role in helping to create the crisis we see on the southern border. It’s time for him to secure the border. I know he keeps looking for people to blame. He has to look in the mirror. The reality of it is this, we don’t need 1,000-page bills, right now we need to secure the border. As conservatives we talk a lot about this being the most ideological, the most liberal president. But I think the public’s also seeing an incompetent administration as well. We’ve seen that with the VA, we’ve seen that, I believe, with the release of the five prisoners from Gitmo. I think you see that with the border situation. I think you’ve seen that with the IRS. You’ve seen that example in case after case. It’s time for him to secure the border, but I think this is also telling in that it goes to the competence of the administration. And I think that’s something that we’ve seen in Louisiana for a while. We saw it especially during the oil spill, the explosion in 2010. We saw the incompetence there. I think the rest of the country is seeing what we saw back then.

Governor Jindal’s Plan To Privatize Formerly Government-Run Hospitals Caused Health Spending To Be $52 Million Less Than Was Initially Budgeted. Louisiana spent $52 million less than was budgeted for Gov. Bobby Jindal’s privatization deals for the LSU hospitals that provide care to the uninsured in the recently ended fiscal year, according to data provided by the state health department. Jindal’s health secretary, Kathy Kliebert, said the hospital’s new managers are improving care while also running more efficient operations. “We feel really comfortable that they are managing their budgets, that their new cost structures that they’re setting in place are working, and at the same time we’re getting really good quality care,” Kliebert said in an interview.

  • RedState Wrote: SURPRISE! Louisiana’s Privatized Charity Hospitals Come In $52 Million Under Budget. Strangely, the Left’s nightmarish predictions at Bobby Jindal’s breakup of government-run health care didn’t come true.


Governor Jindal Said That In Order For The Republican Party To Be The Majority Party Again It Has To Offer The American People Specifics About What Conservative Reform Looks Like. “The next big elections can’t be ones about personalities or just about slogans. … I think it’s incumbent upon our Republican Party to earn our way back to the majority. Let’s provide those specific answers.” Jindal, who is known as a studious wonk, recently founded a policy group, called America Next, in an effort to win “the war of ideas” for conservatives. “When I did the 100 pages [of policy when I first ran for governor] the political consultants said it was a foolish thing to do,” Jindal said. “Who knows, but it’s just the way I am. I can’t imagine engaging in the political process without getting into the specifics, and I think people deserve that.”

The Jindal Administration Is Making Changes To The State Medicaid Program To Increase Savings While Giving Health Plans More Flexibility To Offer More Services To Patients. The Jindal administration is moving toward a program in which the state pays premiums for a private health insurance program for two-thirds of the state’s 1.4 million Medicaid recipients. [T]he move will provide for more budget predictability and increased savings while giving health plans more flexibility in services they can offer patients. … Besides moving to the prepaid plan, the program will be expanded to offer more benefits and cover more people … Added will be hospice care and services; in-home personal care assistance for children under age 21; and nonemergency medical transportation for all services including dental appointments and behavioral health care. Three different groups will have the opportunity to opt in for coverage: certain recipients of home- and community-based waiver services; children between age 3 and 21 on a waiting list for home- and community-based services; and members who chose to begin receiving hospice care.

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This week, Governor Jindal highlighted another year of strong demand and growth for Louisiana’s school choice scholarship program with a joint op-ed with Governor Scott Walker criticizing President Obama’s administration for attempting to stifle school choice in their respective states.  The Governor also wrote a piece for National Review accusing President Obama of trying to appease the Hollywood Left on energy policy.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor’s Week:

Governor Jindal Penned An Op-Ed For National Review Calling Out President Obama For Indulging Hollywood Liberals On Energy Policy. What do we need to turn our country around? Well, for starters, we need a president who stops getting his energy policies from Hollywood movies — and Hollywood liberals. Consider President Obama’s dithering when it comes to approving the Keystone XL pipeline. First proposed in 2008, this massive infrastructure project would bring low-cost crude oil from fields in Canada southward to the United States. Despite nearly six years of government reviews — and nearly four dozen oil and gas pipelines already safely operating between the U.S. and Canada — the Obama administration and the State Department still have not approved the pipeline. …  While the Left dreams of outlawing carbon-based fuels and the internal-combustion engine, its dream is quickly becoming a nightmare for millions of Americans. It’s time for President Obama to stop indulging his liberal backers’ fantasies and return to the reality of a country that desperately needs the jobs that plentiful energy can provide. Mr. President, please put your “pen and phone” to good use. Approve the Keystone XL pipeline today.

Governor Jindal Announced That The Louisiana School Choice Scholarship Program Continues To Show Strong Growth And Demand. Nearly 9,000 students are getting state vouchers mostly to attend private or parochial schools, officials announced Wednesday. … The total is up from 5,637 two years ago, which was the first year that a formerly New Orleans-only program was expanded statewide. “These scholarships empower parents and allow them to select a school based upon their child’s individual educational needs so that they can grow up and pursue their dreams,” Gov. Bobby Jindal said in a prepared statement.

Governor Jindal And Governor Scott Walker Wrote a Joint Op-Ed Pointing Out The Irony Of President Obama’s Actions Fighting Against School Choice.  Why would the federal Department of Justice cite the Civil Rights Act and the specter of segregation to try and block a school choice program where more than nine in 10 participants come from racial minority groups? Or use the Americans with Disabilities Act to claim another school voucher program discriminates against individuals with disabilities, without so much as a single complaint from a student or parent to prove their case? Yet that’s exactly what the Obama administration’s Justice Department is doing—taking actions designed to stifle, and even block outright, programs that give children and parents more educational choices. Ironically enough, the DOJ even cited civil rights laws in attempting to deny parents the opportunity to move their children from failing schools—one of the foremost civil rights challenges of our time. … The blind obeisance of President Obama and Attorney General Holder to the educational-industrial complex might seem like a game to federal bureaucrats in far-away Washington. But to a struggling single mother in inner-city Milwaukee, or a precocious young child in New Orleans, access to a good school means the difference between whether a child can live up to her full skills and potential—or will fall through the cracks to become another statistic.

Governor Jindal Issued A Statement In Support Of Israel’s Right To Defend Itself From Terrorists. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal weighed in Wednesday on the military and political fighting between Hamas and Israel, saying the United States must condemn the “terrorist attacks on the people of Israel.” “Let’s be clear about this: Hamas and other terrorists are the perpetrators,” Mr. Jindal said in a statement. “There should be no ambiguity here. The people of Israel must know that America stands with them, that their struggles are our struggles, and that we completely support their right to defend themselves. As I watch the horrific images of missiles flying into Israel, I am reminded of the instructions in Psalm 122 — ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls,’” Mr. Jindal said.

Governor Jindal Shot Back At President Obama’s Education Secretary After Being Criticized For Pulling Louisiana Out Of Common Core.  It might not qualify as a schoolyard brawl, but Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal traded verbal blows Monday over the Southern Republican’s decision to withdraw his state from Common Core. In a drop-in appearance at the White House press briefing, Duncan told reporters Jindal was “a little bit isolated” in his call to opt out from the education standards. … “[The] entire Obama admin is isolated from the American people on most every issue,” Jindal quipped. “This from the guys who tried to discriminate against minority kids in Louisiana.” Jindal had sparred with the Obama administration last year after the Department of Justice charged in a lawsuit that the state’s school voucher program violated desegregation orders. Jindal hasn’t been the only one to lob criticism at Duncan in recent days.

Louisiana’s High School Graduation Rate Reached Another Record High In 2013, The Third Consecutive Annual Increase. Louisiana’s Department of Education says the percentage of state high-school students graduating within four years has increased again. … It was the third consecutive increase. And it marks a jump of more than 12 percentage points from 2001. “I want to congratulate high school students, teachers and parents on their hard work in achieving another record high graduation rate.  We have more jobs and opportunity in this state than ever before, and now more of our children will be better prepared to follow their dreams of going to college or finding a great job right here in Louisiana,” said Governor Jindal.

Governor Jindal Announced A Huge Economic Development Win For Louisiana, With Another Technology Company Moving To Lafayette That Will Create Over 700 Total New Jobs. Gov. Bobby Jindal returned to the Louisiana Economic Development Authority on Monday to announce that another information technology company is moving to Lafayette. California-based company Enquero Inc. will create a new technology center and will collaborate with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to strengthen its computer science curriculum and provide student internships and apprenticeships, said the company’s executive director, Hemant Asher. Jindal said Enquero’s move from the Silicon Valley to Lafayette will produce 350 direct jobs with a salary of $64,300 per year plus benefits. Those direct jobs are expected to be filled by 2017. The company said it will also provide 354 indirect jobs.

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This week, Governor Jindal praised the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case as rejecting the Obama administration’s assault of religious liberty and affirming that families have a right to conduct their businesses according to their faith.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor’s Week:

Governor Jindal Praised The Supreme Court’s Ruling In The Hobby Lobby Case Saying It Affirmed The Rights Of Families To Conduct Their Business According To Their Faith.  Governor Jindal: “With today’s Hobby Lobby decision rejecting the arguments of President Obama’s administration and affirming the rights of families to conduct their business according to their faith, the Supreme Court formally recognized what the overwhelming majority of Americans already know to be true: that religious liberty is a good thing. … What this decision affirms is that the American belief in freedom of religion still protects the rights of all Americans to live in accordance with their religion, and that these deeply held religious beliefs are more important than the whims and demands of government.”

The Governor Said In This Case The Obama Administration Went Too Far In Its Assault On Religious Liberty, But Warned Believers To Continue To Stand Up For What’s Right. Governor Jindal: “The Court has made clear today that the Obama administration’s assault on religious freedom in this case went too far – but this assault will not stop, in our courts, in our schools, and in the halls of power. It will take believers who are willing to risk their fortunes and public ridicule and the modern slings and arrows to stand up for what’s right.”

Governor Jindal Correctly Predicted On Twitter That President Obama Would Seek An Executive Order To Get Around The Supreme Court Ruling.  In a news conference today, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest stated that while the President will work with Congress to “make sure that any women affected by this decision will still have the same coverage of vital health services as everyone else,” he will also consider possible opportunities to act on his own. Many, including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, predicted this may happen…

RedState Wrote, “Governor Bobby Jindal Wins Twitter And Perfectly Captures Barack Obama’s Almost-Certain Response To The Hobby Lobby Ruling.” 

BuzzFeed Profiled Governor Jindal, Highlighting His Criticism Of President Obama For Infringing On Religious Liberty. On a Friday night in early June, Jindal stepped onto a stage in Columbia, S.C., as the headliner for the state party’s annual Silver Elephant Dinner. … [H]e delivered a rat-a-tat litany of attacks on the Obama administration … “This is an administration that has taken on religious liberties throughout our society … You may remember that this is a president who, when he was campaigning in California, accused the country of clinging to our guns and religion.” He paused, and then smirked as he delivered the punchline: “Now, I know that was supposed to be an insult, but as the governor of Louisiana, I’m proud to report to you that we’ve got plenty of guns and religion.” The crowd went wild.

Governor Jindal Signed A Bill Into Law Expanding Protections For Veterans And Individuals With Disabilities And Protecting Their Ability To Bring Service Dogs Into Public Buildings. Gov. Bobby Jindal was in Shreveport Monday to sign a bill into law supporting veterans and individuals with disabilities and an ArkLaTex woman said that is a great victory for people like her. The bill, SB 432, prohibits any person with a disability from being denied admission to any public facility because of disability. This includes veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder or a traumatic brain injury. The bill also prohibits individuals with disabilities from being denied the use of a cane, service dogs, a wheelchair, crutches or other devices of assistance. “This bill builds on our efforts to support individuals with disabilities, including our veterans who have fought fearlessly to protect our freedom,” Jindal said in a news release. The bill was written by Sen. Sherri Buffington, R-La., and supported by the Wounded Warrior Project, a program that raises awareness and enlists help for injured service members. “This is the biggest victory we can have right now, we’re one step closer to never being told no,” said Bossier Parish Resident Helen Pieper, who suffers from severe asthma.  Her service dog, Bandit, plays a big role in keeping her safe.

40 State Lawmakers Wrote A Letter In Support Of Governor Jindal’s Decision To Remove The State From Common Core. Forty state lawmakers (35 state representatives and five state senators) have issued a joint statement regarding the battle between Gov. Bobby Jindal and Education Superintendent John White over Common Core: On this issue, we believe the Governor made the right decision. We also believe the evolution of his thinking on Common Core is sincere. In his travels, he has surely seen the concern about Common Core among teachers and parents all across the country as well as here in Louisiana. This concern can be found across the political spectrum – from Tea Party conservatives, Republicans, Independents and more than a few Democrats. … We thank the Governor for utilizing the tools available to him. We look forward to working with the Governor, our colleagues in the legislature, BESE, DOE and stakeholders across the state to craft standards and testing that work for Louisiana students.

On The Eve Of July 4th, Governor Jindal Announced An American Flag Embroidering Company Would Be Expanding And Creating A Total Of More Than 30 New Jobs In Bogalusa, Louisiana. Governor Bobby Jindal and President Steve Pack of Allied Materials & Equipment Company announced Allied will make a $340,000 capital investment and create 21 new direct jobs at the company’s Bogalusa facility, where it manufactures the field of stars for the U.S. flag. … Governor Jindal said, “On the eve of our nation’s Independence Day celebration, it is truly fitting that we celebrate this expansion by Allied Materials & Equipment Company today in Washington Parish. Not only do the dedicated workers at Allied assemble our national flag, the company’s expansion here in Louisiana is a testament to our strong business climate and skilled workforce. The new jobs the company will create in Bogalusa mean new opportunities for more Louisianians to purse the American dream here at home, in Louisiana.”

Louisiana Was One Of Only Two States In The Nation That Saw A Decrease In The Number Of People Living In Poverty Areas Between 2000 and 2010. The number of people living in poverty grew nationwide between 2000 and 2010, with North Carolina, Oregon and Tennessee showing the largest increases. Only Louisiana and West Virginia saw the number of people living in so-called poverty areas decrease, according to the Huffington Post.

The State Will Save $25 Million Because Of A Consolidation Of Technology Services Plan Implemented By Governor Jindal. Computer maintenance work across most agencies has been consolidated into one office. The newly-created Office of Technology Services began operations Tuesday with the start of the new budget year. Lawmakers signed off on the merger plan, pushed by Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration, in the recent legislative session. This year’s budget assumes $25 million in savings from the consolidation. The savings will come from merging software licenses, hardware maintenance agreements and contract services, from increased bulk purchasing of computer products and from cutting vacant jobs.

Louisiana Saved Nearly $16 Million Over Three Years Because Of Governor Jindal’s Efforts To Privatize A State Office. Louisiana has saved nearly $16 million in the first three years of a privatization contract for the Office of Risk Management, the state’s self-insurance agency, according to an audit released Monday. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration hired Mandeville-based F.A. Richard and Associates Inc., or FARA, in June 2010 to take over much of the Office of Risk Management’s workload.

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This week, pressure ramped up on Louisiana education bureaucrats to follow Governor Jindal’s order and remove the state from Common Core and the PARCC test.  The Governor also signed a bill into law that would ensure student data is kept private and protected from federal government intrusion.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor’s Week:

Parents Opposed To Common Core Visited The Capitol To Express Their Support For Governor Jindal’s Decision To Get The State Out Of Common Core. The controversy over the Common Core education standard is heating up, and several Board of Elementary and Secondary Education members have called for a meeting next week about the issue. Last week, Governor Jindal announced plans to scrap Common Core for Louisiana. Jindal claims the State Department of Education violated state bid laws trying to implement Common Core. … A group of parents supporting Jindal’s decision convened at the Capitol Thursday to meet with the governor. “I have four children,” Anna Arthurs said. “I’m opposed to Common Core for so many reasons. There’s the material, data collection and federal intrusion.”

Members Of The State School Board Pressured Louisiana Education Bureaucrats To Stop Dragging Their Feet And Act On Governor Jindal’s Directive To Get The State Out Of Common Core. The simmering debate over Common Core reignited Tuesday, with three members of Louisiana’s top school board asking for a special meeting of the panel to come up with new tests … All the activity surfaced less than a week after Jindal said he is ordering the state out of Common Core, which represents national standards in reading, writing and math. The governor also said he has notified the consortium that oversees the tests that go with the standards that the state is withdrawing, and BESE and the state Department of Education should solicit bids to come up with new exams. Beebe, Smith and Hill said BESE needs “to begin the discussion of how the Louisiana Department of Education will initiate that process. … The three BESE members also suggested that, for the upcoming school year, the state should again use LEAP and iLEAP, both standardized tests, to see what students are learning. They said both tests are familiar to teachers, schools and school districts. Officials of the Louisiana School Boards Association and the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents, who met privately on Tuesday, made a similar suggestion.

Governor Jindal Signed Legislation That Will Ensure Student Data Is Kept Private And Is Protected From Federal Government Intrusion. Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a bill Tuesday that will add significant new layers of security to prevent data about Louisiana elementary and secondary students from being shared without parental consent. Most of the changes related to the new law are expected to take place next spring and summer. “I am proud to sign [the bill] into law, which will ensure student personal information is protected. Our children and parents should not have to fear the exposure of private, personal information when they enroll in school, and this bill helps prevent abuses,” wrote Jindal … Many parents who are concerned about Common Core believe the new academic standards — and particularly a new standardized test associated with them — will lead to the federal government and private companies having too much access to personal information about their children.

Governor Jindal Spoke To The Faith And Freedom Coalition Last Weekend And Warned Of A Growing Fight From The Left Against Religious Liberty. While speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference in Washington, D.C. Saturday night, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican, said President Obama and other Democrats are waging a war against religious liberty and warned that a rebellion is brewing as angry Americans are ready for what he called a “hostile takeover” of the nation’s capital, the Associated Press reported. “I can sense right now a rebellion brewing amongst these United States,” he said, “where people are ready for a hostile takeover of Washington, D.C., to preserve the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.” According to Jindal, there is a “silent war” being waged against religious liberty, the same liberty he said the country was built upon. “I am tired of the left. They say they’re for tolerance, they say they respect diversity. The reality is this: They respect everybody unless you happen to disagree with them,” he said. “The left is trying to silence us and I’m tired of it, I won’t take it anymore.”

Governor Jindal Signed A Bill That Repealed Several State Boards And Reduced The Size Of Government. Governor Jindal announced he signed HB 1013 by Rep. Schexnayder, which repeals several state boards and commissions. This legislation was part of Governor Jindal’s 2014 Legislative Package. Governor Jindal said, “I am proud to sign HB1013 into law, which reduces the size and scope of government and makes it work more efficiently for our people.”

For The Second Year In A Row, More Louisiana High School Seniors Scored High Enough On the ACT To Earn Admission To College. The number of high school seniors who scored high enough on the ACT to earn admission to a college in Louisiana rose by 1,427 students this year … The ACT is a test of college readiness. Students must score at least 18 out of a possible 36 points to get into a state college without having to take remedial classes. This year’s increase means that, in the past two years, the number of students scoring an 18 or higher rose by 5,253.

Governor Jindal Urged LSU To Place A Statue Of Former Basketball Star Pete Maravich On Campus. Twenty-six years after he died, Pistol Pete still has a fan following. Count Gov. Bobby Jindal among the adoring crowd who wants to be able to take a selfie with Pete’s likeness on the LSU campus. Jindal gave LSU a pointed nudge Thursday, asking on his official letterhead why a statue of Pete Maravich doesn’t stand outside the Assembly Center that bears the basketball legend’s name. “This would be an appropriate way to memorialize such a significant figure in LSU and Louisiana history, and I offer my full support of such a project,” the governor wrote in a letter to the LSU Board of Supervisors. Jindal sent copies of the letter to LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva, LSU system President and Chancellor F. King Alexander and members of the LSU Hall of Fame Committee.

Governor Jindal Signed A Bill To Help Hold Delinquent Parents Accountable For Child Support Payments. Governor Jindal announced that he signed HB 236 by Rep. Chris Broadwater, which allows the state Office of Debt Recovery (ODR) to offset gaming winnings from casinos in order to collect back payments of child support and other state debts. This bill was included in the Governor’s 2014 Legislative Package. Governor Jindal said, “This bill will provide more options to obtain the payments owed to parents for child support. Sadly, too many delinquent parents are found throughout our state, and today we created another way to hold them accountable for paying the debts they owe to provide for their children.”

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This week, Governor Jindal ordered Louisiana out of the Common Core, stopping the federal government’s overreach into Louisiana’s education standards and ensuring parents and teachers remain in control of what Louisiana children learn in school.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor’s Week:

Governor Jindal Declared That Louisiana Was Getting Out Of PARCC And The Common Core. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Wednesday he plans to pull his state out of the Common Core academic standards, announcing an executive order aimed at blocking the testing program in the state. At a news conference, Jindal said he’s sent a letter requesting his state’s withdrawal from the program to the Partnership of Assessments for College and Career Readiness (PARCC) – a conglomerate of states developing the standards for students in the subjects of English and math. “It’s certainly no secret that I am opposed to the Common Core. It’s also no secret that many parents are opposed because they’re worried that the federal government in D.C. is trying to mandate education standards for their children in classrooms in Louisiana,” Jindal said.

Governor Jindal Said He Was Very Alarmed With How the Federal Government Was Trying To Take Over Control Of Louisiana’s Education System. “We’re very alarmed about choice and local control of curriculum being taken away from our parents and educators,” he said at a press conference. “If other states want to allow the federal government to dictate to them, they have every right to make that choice.” … “[P]roponents weren’t up front about federal involvement in PARCC and Common Core,” Jindal said. “Now that we understand the federal overreach involved, we need to slow down and make the right decision. Some Common Core proponents suggest that we cannot have high standards without Common Core. That is a false statement.”

The Governor Said, “At The End Of The Day It Really Comes Down To Trusting Parents, Trusting Locals, We Don’t Need The Federal Government Making This Decision.” “Jindal said that he’s also nervous about a federal involvement in education based upon his recent experience with Attorney General Eric Holder suing Louisiana in order to stop their scholarship program.  “We have seen the overreach of the federal government.  We have seen this federal government get involved.  At the end of the day it really comes down to trusting parents, trusting locals, we don’t need the federal government making this decision,” Jindal told Caffeinated Thoughts.”

The Jindal Administration Responded To Attempts By Education Bureaucrats To Continue With PARCC Despite The Governor’s Order By Suspending The Authority To Do So.  White said his agency has followed state bid laws, and plans to use an existing state contract that covers tests for students in grades 3-8 to proceed with the exams developed by PARCC. But a few hours later Nichols took the unusual step of announcing that the state was immediately suspending approval of the contract that White cited, pending review by the Office of Contractural Review. “The Department of Education has suggested it has unlimited authority to use a state contract, paid for by taxpayers, for a purpose for which it was not intended,” Nichols said in a prepared statement.

Governor Jindal Responded To Criticism By The Obama Administration That Louisiana Was Pulling Out Of Common Core By Stating Louisiana Will Not Be Bullied By The Federal Government. Governor Jindal: We will not be bullied by the federal government. The proponents of Common Core claim it is not a federal takeover, but Secretary Duncan’s comments and actions prove otherwise. He has already threatened Oklahoma with a loss of funding, and we may be next. Our Founders came up with the Tenth Amendment for good reason, but the Obama Administration wants to keep ignoring it. We will not let President Obama and Secretary Duncan take over the education of Louisiana’s children.

Governor Jindal Said The Worsening Situation In Iraq Is Occurring Because President Obama Has Played Politics And Projected Weakness. Bobby Jindal thinks President Barack Obama deserves blame for the worsening crisis in Iraq …  “We got here because the president played politics,” the Louisiana governor said in an interview here Saturday, after speaking to the Iowa Republican state convention. “He didn’t listen to his commanders.” … Jindal said Obama has projected weakness, which he said will continue to haunt the United States. “Many of these seeds were sown based on our response or failed response in Syria,” he said. “It shouldn’t be a surprise, and it won’t be the last time … The president’s created the environment we’re in today. I worry about the consequences. I worry about what the Iranian takeaway is.”

The Governor Signed Into Law An Idea He Championed Before The Start Of The Legislative Session, A $40 Million Fund To Encourage Higher Education Institutions To Fully Prepare Students For Louisiana’s Economic Boom. Louisiana colleges and universities will be able to compete for additional funding that’s intended to encourage innovation and commitment to key fields, thanks to a new program … Gov. Bobby Jindal signed House Bill 1033 during a ceremony at LSU on Thursday that drew higher education leaders from across the state. It creates the $40 million Workforce and Innovation for a Stronger Economy Fund, or WISE Fund, an idea Jindal championed before the start of the session. “The WISE Fund will allow our schools to meet the growing demands on our economy,” Jindal said Thursday. “This investment, this $40 million, will help our universities and community and technical colleges train our students for the jobs that are coming to Louisiana.”

As A Result Of Governor Jindal’s Record Of Economic Growth, Louisiana Was Awarded Its 5th State Of The Year Award In The Past Six Years By Southern Business & Development. Southern Business & Development magazine awarded Louisiana its 5th State of the Year award in six years. The publication also named Baton Rouge its 2014 Major Market of the Year award and Lake Charles its 2014 Mid-Market of the Year title. In a statement, Gov. Bobby Jindal said, “Being named State of the Year or Co-State of the Year by Southern Business & Development in five of the past six years is a tremendous accomplishment. But we know that we have more work to do. We are committed to working harder than ever to show the world that Louisiana is the new frontier for business opportunity.”

Louisiana Again Set A Record For The Number Of People Working In May. “A record of nearly 1.97 million Louisiana residents were employed in nonfarm jobs in May. The seasonally adjusted statistics also showed the state’s employment figure last month was an increase of 17,900 workers since May 2013, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Louisiana Workforce Commission reported Friday.”

Governor Jindal Announced Another Huge Job Win For Louisiana, A New Project That Will Lead To A Total Of More Than 290 New Jobs, As A Result Of The State’s Improved Business Climate. SB International Inc. announced Wednesday Centric Pipe LLC, an SB International affiliate, will make a $32.5 million capital investment to renovate and expand the former Northwest Pipe facility in Bossier City. The project will create 82 new direct jobs, with an average salary of $50,000 per year, plus benefits. Another 209 new indirect jobs will result, according to Louisiana Economic Development estimates, for a total of more than 290 new jobs in Northwest Louisiana. … “SB International chose Louisiana because of the Bossier City area’s highly educated workforce, the strong work ethic of our people, and Louisiana’s improved business climate. SB International is among a growing list of companies that are investing in Louisiana because we have implemented policies that are strengthening our economy and business climate,” said Gov. Bobby Jindal. “Louisiana now has more people working than ever before and today’s announcement is great news for Northwest Louisiana, but our work does not stop here. We will continue to build a better business climate and attract companies that want to invest and expand, so that we can create even more jobs and a greater quality of life for Louisiana families.”

Governor Jindal Called The New EPA Regulations “A Dangerous Overreach In Terms Of The Potential Threat To Our Economy And Our Ability To Restore” Manufacturing Jobs.  Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) said Monday that there is a “good chance” states will pursue litigation against the Obama administration’s new proposal to cut carbon pollution from power plants. “There’s a very good chance of litigation not only initiated by the states, but the industry is another,” Jindal said at a Petroleum Club press briefing in Texas Monday, according to the Houston Chronicle. “This is such a dangerous overreach in terms of the potential threat to our economy and our ability to restore those manufacturing jobs, I absolutely do think litigation needs to be on the table,” Jindal added. … At Monday’s event Jindal, joined by Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), and governors from North Dakota and Wyoming, blasted the administration for the rules, claiming it would kill energy jobs.

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