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April 19, 2014 Weekly Update

Governor Jindal shared the great news this week that Louisiana set another record for the number of people employed in the state, and has exceeded 2 million total workers for the first time in state history.  The Governor also penned an op-ed for the New Hampshire Union Leader defending school choice and the importance of giving parents a stronger voice in educational decisions for their children. 

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor’s Week:

The Bureau Of Labor Statistics Reported That Louisiana Set Another Record For The Number Of People Working, Exceeding 2 Million Workers For The First Time In State History. More than 2 million Louisianians say they have a job, an all-time high. Civilian employment hit a new peak for the sixth month in a row in March, as the state’s unemployment rate held steady from February at 4.5 percent. That tied for the seventh-lowest jobless rate in the nation. ... Louisiana has seen four years of strong nonfarm job growth, rising 4.3 percent during that time, outstripping the number of jobs lost during the recession. … “Because of all we have done to make Louisiana a great place to do business, we have now set another record for the number of people working, exceeding 2 million workers for the first time in Louisiana history,” Gov. Bobby Jindal said in a statement.

Governor Jindal Penned An Op-Ed For The New Hampshire Union Leader Defending School Choice. Is government the servant of the people, or the master of them? That’s at the heart of the case the New Hampshire Supreme Court will be considering today, regarding the Granite State’s school tax credit program. For as important as the court’s ultimate verdict will be in deciding the fate of school choice in New Hampshire, it might say even more about the relationship between citizens and their government. The case involves a program of tax credits … I believe that governmental decisions are best made by public bodies closest to their citizens. In many cases, policy should be made not in Washington, but at the state level, or even by local governments. And in the case of education, that means giving local parents a stronger voice.

Governor Jindal Criticized President Obama For Once Again Delaying Approval Of The Keystone XL Pipeline, Saying The President’s Refusal To Approve The Project Is Purely Political

Governor Jindal Said
A Gubernatorial Order Removing Louisiana From The PARCC Test Is A Viable Option If The Legislature Does Not Act. Gov. Bobby Jindal said Monday that a gubernatorial order for the state to drop controversial Common Core tests is a “very viable option” if state lawmakers fail to act. Jindal made the comment in response to a letter from eight House members who said the governor can opt the state out of the exams and should do that. The testing consortium is the Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Career. … In his statement, Jindal said, “We’re hopeful that legislation will move through the process this session that will address the concerns of parents or delay implementation until those concerns can be addressed. “We think this course of action outlined in the legislators’ letter remains a very viable option if the Legislature does not act,” the statement said.

It Was Announced That Governor Jindal Will Give The Commencement Address To Liberty University On May 10th. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, widely considered a rising star in the Republican Party and a possible 2016 presidential candidate, will be the commencement speaker at Liberty University on May 10. “Many believe (Jindal) could hold the highest office in the land someday,” Liberty President Jerry Falwell Jr. said in a statement on Wednesday (April 16).

Governor Jindal Joined Governors
Scott And Perry In Writing A Letter To President Obama Criticizing Him For Medicare Advantage Cuts. Three Southern Republican governors are writing President Barack Obama to complain about newly announced Medicare Advantage payments. Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal signed the April 15 letter that says changes to Medicare Advantage payments will harm “America’s seniors.” The changes are blamed on the nation’s health care overhaul. The letter contends an announcement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that payments will increase “amounts to little more than political theater.”

Governor Jindal Announced
The Launch Of A Statewide Health And Wellness Initiative. The Jindal administration embarked on a statewide initiative Monday, encouraging schools, businesses and other entities to promote health and wellness. Gov. Bobby Jindal announced the start of “Well-Ahead Louisiana” at Baton Rouge’s Dufrocq Elementary School, which already is pushing healthy eating and exercise. The program is being promoted as a way to bring healthy living practices to Louisiana residents wherever they go. Those participating entities that meet certain state-established criteria would be recognized as “well spots.” Participation is voluntary. “It’s about improving the quality of life for all our people,” Jindal said.

Governor Jindal Announced Changes That Will Strengthen And Preserve His Education Reform Laws That Revamped Teacher Tenure Rules. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office said Thursday it has reached agreement with teacher unions and others on a plan to revamp the appeals process for public school teachers who are dismissed.  … “Act 1 was created to help ensure we have a great teacher in every classroom, and we’re pleased that we reached a solution that continues improving Louisiana schools for children and families across the state,” Jindal said in a prepared statement.